Kart 2 hours course


Akiba Kart is a go-kart rental store in Japan and no helmets are required for driving our karts on the public road. Ride a go-kart through the city of Osaka and grab everyone's attention as its residents love exciting events!​

Private tour Osaka nightlife


Explore the night version of the energetic city: Osaka Planned for those who like the night view of Osaka, a neon sign boards-lit district, Japanese pub, and bar!You will first watch the view of Osaka city from an observatory and then move to a district where you can enjoy the nightlife of Osaka.

Hot Spring One-day break


◆ Adult Day trip Hot spring Date
adult buy! "Natural Hot spring] For 1 hour!
This surprise is outstanding! ! Natural Hot spring There are not many places that can lend you! Hot spring Perfect for a date! Room break 10-17:00 Up to 7 hours

Kimono rental & Hair set


From kimono strolling kimono, wedding ceremony and visit arrival at tea ceremony, adult ceremonial kimono and graduation ceremonial hakama, etc. are aligned widely.

Last samurai Experience


It is Iijiri experience experience dojo "LAST SAMURAI" in the immediate side of Osaka , New World, Tsutenkaku. In LAST SAMURAI, you acquire the basic knowledge about Samurai through manners, style, and Zen, and in the end you can do "trial slashing" with seriousness. Sun in the atmospheric sure to be an exciting experience that can not be experienced! Genuine Sun use this sword, but gender, also you will be able to safely experience with careful guidance of instructors for beginners regardless of experience. Sun or do not you feel the charm of this sword.

VR Experience Plan


You can experience the topic of VR now.
You can enjoy less wait time by booking from here.

~ Flow of the day ~
① Reception (5 minutes)
② Briefing (10 minutes)
③ Installation (5 minutes)
④ Game starts (20 minutes)​